Vacancy & Spend Control Panel (V&SCP)

Vacancy & Spend Control Panel (V&SCP)

The Vacancy & Spend Control Panel (V&SCP) was introduced to the Trust as an executive scrutiny measure with the aim to improve the financial position of the Trust and ensure that investments in staffing provide the best fit option for the Trust’s workforce.

The purpose of the V&SCP is to review, initially approve and monitor as appropriate, any vacancies and changes to contractual conditions which results in additional cost prior to further authorisation via finance.

All roles with the exception of those listed below will be subject to V&SCP.

Roles exempt:

  • Band 5/Band 6 Nurses
  • Medical & Dental
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • HCA’s
  • Ward/departmental managers such as Radiology, Pharmacy, Speech and Language, Physiotherapy etc
  • Matrons
  • Clinical Leads
  • Resus trainers
  • Advanced Practitioners
  • Senior Nurse Managers
  • Hospital at Night and OHH
  • Consultants with PA’s for a management role
  • Educational Supervisors
  • Safeguarding Leads
  • Infection prevention (IPC)
  • DOLs
  • Mortuary Managers
  • Theatre Managers

For roles which aren’t exempt, you should complete your vacancy request in Trac or assignment change form as normal and provide the supporting information requested on the justification document.

Vacancy Justification Form – This form should be completed when a vacancy is raised on TRAC, Re-Advertised posts will also be subject to V&SCP. The Justification document should be uploaded to the internal documents section under the documents tab on your vacancy.

Assignment Change Forms (ACF) – The requesting manager needs to complete the ACF on Flowforma and provide the necessary details asked for. There is now NO requirement to complete a Justification Form, all information is requested on Flowforma. Please note, some fields are mandatory, and you will be required to submit budgetary and financial information to support your changes. i.e., Acting Up, Hours increase or any change that incurs an additional cost.

Please note – the Vacancy Justification form & the ACF both need to be completed fully with all the relevant information completed, with particular emphasis on the budgetary/financial information – failure to complete in full will result in your submission to vacancy panel or your ACF being delayed.

NB: The deadline for justification forms to be submitted to ensure they are presented to the V&SCP panel on Tuesday is Thursday 12 noon.

V&SCP review meetings are held every Tuesday at 11.00am

Roles subject to the ICB Panel

Where a role is identified as required to go to the ICB Vacancy Panel, these roles will be approved in principle by our V&SCP and then referred to the ICB panel which takes place on the Friday.

Recruiting Managers will need to complete an ICB V&SCP request form at the point of submission of the role to TRAC along with the vacancy justification form.  A nominated senior manager will need to be available to attend the ICB Vacancy Panel if required.

Please note:  Recruitment cannot begin until approval has been received from this panel.

Roles which are subject to ICB panel approval are listed below:

All admin & Clerical roles Band 6 and above, within Corporate Services covered by the shared services initiative (Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, communications, Legal, Governance, Estates, Strategy, PMO and Facilities Management)

All Clinical roles 8B and above

New Medical Roles (through Development of a Business Case)

For any enquiries or to contact the Workforce Panel, please email on

Please view the documents below for further information: