Outline of the BTH Induction Programme

Finding your Feet Induction Booklet

On cancelling classroom-based inductions, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were left with an immediate gap in providing new starters with the necessary information they require to help them settle in at the Trust.

The ‘Finding your Feet’ induction booklet was devised as an interim solution. However, there was an outpouring of interest and engagement from stakeholders across the Trust to include content in the booklet, which encouraged us to develop this into the first part on the on-boarding journey. New starters receive access to this from The Organisational Development Team at the very beginning.

Finding your Feet is a way to provide new starters with a wide range of information about working for the Trust that they can digest at their own pace. It can be accessed here https://www.bfwh.nhs.uk/onehr/organisational-development/new-starters-your-onboarding-journey/

Local Induction

BTH is an immensely diverse working environment, with varying services, departments, specialisms, and roles. This is why the Trust has a Local Induction process in place, where managers work with new starters to ensure they are aware and familiar with local systems and processes. The local induction is in the form of a ‘checklist’ and each element requires awareness or understanding to make sure the new starter is healthy, safe, and supported in their working environment.

The local induction form is now located on ESR, and new starters will be sent information on how to access this with ‘Finding your Feet’. Taking ownership from the very start is encouraged; using initiative, being accountable for, and caring about outcomes has been shown to be linked to staff being more engaged, motivated, and effective. However, feeling part of a team is essential to this and supporting them through their induction is a great start - which is everyone’s responsibility.

The Personal Touch - Tea & Toast and The Marketplace

Tea & Toast and The Marketplace are events held every other month, to which all new starters are invited. The Tea & Toast element is an opportunity for new starters to enjoy ‘tea & toast, meet with executives and hear their experiences and meet other new starters. Please do encourage them to attend. They will be held in the Education Centre at the main BTH site.

Once tea and toast has been enjoyed, the Marketplace will provide new starters with access to key teams/services across the Trust. They will be able to discover different stakeholder and initiatives across the Trust that they can get involved with or that can support them; personally & professionally.

More information regarding Local Induction and Tea & Toast and the Marketplace can be found in Finding your feet https://www.bfwh.nhs.uk/onehr/organisational-development/new-starters-your-onboarding-journey/