Quality Assurance Programme

As part of its Quality Assurance programme, Medical Education implements a system of evaluations and feedback to the training programme which includes:

  • Evaluation of Education Experience Survey
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups, Interviews and individual feedback
  • BTH Education Drop-Box

Evaluation of Education Experience Survey

The Evaluation of Education Experience survey will  be sent to Trainees approximately 3 times per year. The purpose is to evaluate each individual training placement and highlight any areas of concern or best practice.

Focus Groups/Interviews

Focus groups are held regularly.  Your attendance to the focus groups or sessions is kept confidential and feedback will not be identifiable to attendees . We will only disclose details in issues of patient or staff safety but this will be discussed with you.

We utilise these sessions to update you on 'You said we did' to demonstrate the impact your feedback can have on current educational processes. Within the Focus groups or interviews we are keen to hear your experiences, even if these differ from your colleagues.  Key themes from the the local or national surveys may be identified to guide the sessions but we encourage Trainees to use the opportunity to reflect on any aspect of their experience.

The purpose of the sessions is to give trainees the opportunity to discuss any issues they may have in greater depth than the surveys allow and to enable the Medical Education Team to gain a greater understanding of the trainee experience. The sessions are regularly facilitated by the Associate Director of Medical Education and/or the Head of Medical Education and are attended by the Quality Assurance Manager.

We encourage Trainees to actively involve themselves in quality improvement through the Quality assurance activities.  If you are interested in providing your experiences, be a Representative for your speciality or grade please contact the Quality Team or your relevant Medical Education programme group administrator.

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