Health Champions

Health Champion Profiles

You can find out more about our Health Champions further down this page, our current Health Champions are:

  • Sarah Chippendale
  • Caroline Spence
  • Judy Camp
  • Sophie Khansia

Sarah Chippendale

As a health-conscious individual with a passion for fitness and healthy eating, I value the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices in feeling good both inside and outside of work.

I work as a children’s nurse on the children’s ward and understand how important it is to de-stress and re-energise in preparation for your next shift. I feel that healthy lifestyle choices that make you feel good will surely benefit your performance at work.

I also feel that as professionals, to act as a role model in the lifestyle choices we make would help to inspire patients and their families to do the same. I personally enjoy participating in sporting and fitness events and as part of this role I am looking forward to organising sporting events for my team members.

Sarah Chippendale, Children’s Nurse

Caroline Spence

I was interested in becoming a Health Champion as it fits in with my job role at Occupational Health as we want to promote Healthy ideas and initiatives to staff. We can pass on information to all the new starters as well as established staff who come over to see us. We can advertise events in our waiting room and make sure the therapists and counsellors are aware of what is on offer to help and support staff.

On a personal level I have always been interested in Health and Wellbeing, my passion is yoga and I attend the yoga class held at work, we have a great teacher and get the classes at a discounted rate.

Caroline Spence, Occupational Health

Judy Camp

I am a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant working with children who have communication needs in Lancaster and Morecambe mainstream and special schools.

About four years ago I thought to myself that I was on the slippery slope to 50 and needed to get into a regimen to help keep the muffin top at bay. I was actually a member of a gym at the time and only ever went into the pool as I was too intimidated to go into the gym because I didn’t think I would know what to do and show myself up.

However, I used to watch the spinning class from the side of the pool and one new year I made it my resolution to give it a try. To cut a long story short, it nearly killed me but I persevered and grew to love the buzz that exercise gave me. It took time and effort and is not easy but I did it and then decided to give something else a go. So I joined a local running group called Plodding Along. We started off doing the Couch to 5K routine which was walk for a minute, jog for a minute and gradually I have built this up to being able to run for 15k non-stop which I never, ever thought I could do.

I now miss it if I don’t get a chance to do some exercise and the benefits to my health have been huge, lower blood pressure, less migraines, fewer coughs and colds and I generally have much more energy.

Without being smug or preachy, I wanted to become a Healthy Workforce Champion to help encourage anyone who was like me and a bit too shy to take the first step to joining a group. We all have to start somewhere and when you do take that first step, it grows and grows and before you know it you are achieving things you never imagined you could do. We all just need that little bit of encouragement, support and camaraderie which I hope I can help with.

Judy Camp, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Sophie Khansia

I have put myself forward for the health champion in pharmacy because my manager approached me and thought it would suit me as I am a sportswoman.

I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. I play netball and hockey throughout the year. I am also the captain for my local hockey team.

I believe healthy living is a way of life and wish promote this more around my department. I am a very sociable person, keen and enthusiastic so looking forward to a new challenge at work.

Sophie Khansia, Pharmacy Department