Moving and Handling

Moving and handling is a key part of the working day for a large proportion of our staff at BTH; from moving equipment, laundry, stock items, catering supplies and waste to moving or assisting patients in moving.

It is important for everyone to comply with current legislation and regulations and actively keep themselves, colleagues, and patients, safe by preventing or minimising the risk of injury as far as reasonably practicable.

When we are fit, healthy and pain free, the flexibility of the body allows us to get into awkward stressful postures. This allows us to undertake poor moving and handling tasks without a second thought to what damage we could be causing. Many everyday tasks and duties are undertaken incorrectly and can result in:

  • Moving and handling accidents – which can cause pain, discomfort, and injure both patients and colleagues
  • Back pain and various musculoskeletal injuries for staff, which can lead to inability to work
  • Taking time off work to recover from injuries or painful episodes
  • Reduced dignity for the patient

Our aim is to minimise the risks and negative impact of potential injuries by ensuring safer practices are used. We will promote the correct use of safer principles of moving and handling and train staff to use appropriate techniques and equipment to help ease the pressure on their musculoskeletal system and reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

The Moving and Handling Trainer/Advisor, Sharon Bryson-Walsh is dedicated to providing training, and advice, on correct moving and handling techniques and has also trained Moving and Handling Champions across the Trust that support in delivering the training and ensuring best practice in the areas in which they work.