Conditional Offer

Once a successful selection process has been completed, the Recruiting Manager will have identified a suitable candidate. Using TRAC Recruitment Software, they must propose the terms of their conditional offer to the candidate. This than then be formalised & communicated by the Recruitment Team.

Recruiting Managers should log in to TRAC, and select the applicant they desire by moving them to "Offer Pending".

Points to note:

  • Whether verbal or written, an agreement between a employer & prospective appointee is legally binding - ensure clarity when discussing specifics on pay, leave & tenure.
  • Remember - any proposed offer outside of the appropriate terms (Agenda for Change) will require authorisation from the Director of HR & OD.
  • It is important to register a outcome for each applicant who was invited to interview on TRAC.

View the Moving to Offer TRAC Guidance for further information.