The Local Induction Form

For completion by ALL new starters (via ESR)

All new starters, regardless of their role, are required to work through and confirm understanding of all elements of the following questions. There are then some additional questions for clinical staff and medics.

Reminder - The following pages are a ‘mirror’ of the questions in the local induction form on ESR. This information is to help guide you through the induction with your new starters. The form must be completed by the new starter on ESR to achieve compliance.

How are you settling in?

  • Have you been introduced to your department and team/colleagues?
  • Have you had a tour of your department?
  • Are you aware of the location of local facilities; toilet/kitchen/rest facilities/ where to store personal property?
  • Is your email account active?
  • Do you have access to the shared network drives and any other systems you are required to use as part of your role?
  • Have you received training on the Roster System?
  • Have you been provided with information regarding BTH facilities? (eg parking, bike sheds, restaurant, shops, and chaplaincy)
  • Have you accessed the Intranet and explored the content?
  • Have you discussed with your line manager how you will embed the Trust’s values into your role?
  • Have you been shown how to use ESR Employee Self Service to check and update your personal details, view and print your payslips, check your training to maintain 100% compliance and complete your Core Skills e-learning modules.

Data Protection

  • Have you completed the Data Security Awareness Training? This should be completed prior to accessing records etc. If this has not been completed, please access this training on ESR
  • Do you understand how confidentiality and Data Protection is relevant to your area of work?
  • Have you read and signed the Confidentiality Code of Conduct?
  • Are you aware that you must only access patient records if you are directly involved in the patient’s care or have a legitimate need to access the records based on your job role?
  • Are you aware that you are not permitted to access your own records or those known to you such as colleagues, friends, and family as there are procedures to follow to ensure confidentiality is maintained to everyone?

Health and Safety (questions with 'if applicable' do not need to be ticked if not required)

  • Have you booked onto the practical Resuscitation Training? (If applicable)
  • Have you booked onto practical Moving & Handling Training? (If applicable)
  • Are you aware of the accident / incident reporting procedures?
  • Are you aware of the location of the fire alarm, evacuation and emergency procedures, fire assembly point and the location of fire extinguishers?
  • Have you had a well-being conversation with your manager and our focus on well-being as a Trust?

Working Practices & Procedures (questions with 'if applicable' do not need to be ticked if not required)

  • Are you aware of your on-call commitments (if applicable)?
  • Are you aware of the emergency call out procedure (if applicable)?
  • Do you know your normal hours of work?
  • Are you aware of your break periods?
  • Do you understand the flexible working practices available to you?
  • Are you aware of the suite of policies that are available on OneHR which are there to protect you as well as BTH?
  • Are you aware of the dress code / uniform requirements?
  • Do you understand the annual leave procedures and how annual leave can be booked via eRostering?
  • Are you aware of the Quality Improvement projects that are being undertaken in your area?
  • Do you know how to participate in the projects if you wish?
  • Do you understand the sickness notification and reporting procedures, which includes:
  • Who to report sickness to
  • What to do if you feel unwell at work
  • When you are required to self-certificate sickness
  • When you are required to provide a fit note from a doctor
  • Symptoms you should be clear of before returning to work

Non-Clinical staff - sign off

Once non-clinical staff have confirmed each element of the induction on ESR, they will be able to ‘sign off’ by clicking the ‘Submit to ESR’ option.

This will send a notification to the line manager to further confirm that all elements of the local induction have been completed. Once this is confirmed, compliance of local induction completion will be recorded on ESR.

Clinical Staff and Medics & Doctors

There are additional questions that Clinical Staff & Medics/Doctors will be required to complete before they can ‘sign off’ the local induction.

Clinical Staff - Local Induction Additional Questions

Have you completed the following?

  • Period of supervised practice / mentor (if applicable)?
  • Nursing competencies?
  • Nursing paperwork?
  • Equipment and moving and handling procedures used in area?
  • Security of patient property?
  • Is your professional registration up to date and you confirm this will be maintained?
  • Have you discussed revalidation with your manager?

Once all elements have been confirmed, clinical staff will be able to ‘sign off’ the local induction in the same way as non-clinical staff

Medics/Doctors - Local Induction Additional Questions

Have you completed the following?

  • Discussed consenting of patients (if applicable)
  • How to access support from senior colleagues clearly explained
  • Consent, including a list of procedures that each grade can cover
  • Given information on research and audit opportunities; information on how to access careers advice
  • Given a working understanding of the equipment, including electronic platforms such as Alert
  • Explanation of how to complete an online Untoward Incident form
  • Given access to and the requirements for the use of protocols
  • Discussed how to raise a concern regarding patient safety
  • Discussed Escalation Process for when a patient is deteriorating
  • FFP3 mask fit testing
  • Donning/doffing PPE
  • Handover arrangements discussed

Once all elements have been confirmed, medics and Doctors will be able to ‘sign off’ the local induction in the same way as non-clinical and clinical staff.

Final Step

Following a new starter submitting that they have completed all elements required of the Local Induction form on ESR, you will receive a notification from ESR asking to confirm completion of the local induction as their line manager.

Once this is confirmed, the Local Induction is now complete. The new starter should be able to carry out their role confidently and competently.

Thank you for supporting them through this part of their induction as they embark on their journey at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.