Our role as scheme administrators includes deducting accurate contributions from your salary, and providing pension guidance throughout your career. We are also responsible for the administration of your retirement process.

Anyone who starts working for the NHS automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme. You are issued with a scheme guide  on joining the NHS. You can choose to ‘opt out’ or leave the scheme at any time.

The NHS Pension Scheme has undergone significant changes. Details of all the scheme benefits can be found on the Pensions Agency Website. Alternatively, you can call 0300 3301 346.

More information relating to specific areas of the pension scheme can be found below.

Cost & Contributions Table

Pension Band Pensionable Pay Upper Limit Contribution Rate
A Up to £13,246.99 5.1%
B £16,831.99 5.7%
C £22,878.99 6.1%
D £23,948.99 6.8%
E £28,223.99 7.7%
F £29,179.99 8.8%
G £43,805.99 9.8%
H £49,245.99 10.0%
I £56,163.99 11.6%
J £72,030.99 12.5%
K £9999999.99 13.5%

In addition to your contribution, the trust, as your employer, contributes 14.38% of your pensionable pay.


As of 6th April 2011, the retirement age of 65 was abolished by the Government. In line with legislation, the Trust does not operate compulsory retirement. You will therefore continue to be employed and where possible contribute to the Pension Scheme regardless of age, until you decide to leave.

Voluntary Early Retirement

If you are considering Voluntary Early Retirement, the age at which you can retire and access your pension, will depend on your job and which section of the scheme you are in (i.e. 1995 or 2008). A penalty may apply if you retire early. More detailed information can be found on the Early Retirement section on the Pensions Agency website.

Contact either Elaine Hindle or Dave Forshaw for more information – remembering to plan approximately 5-6 months ahead ahead of your expected retirement date.

Ill Health Retirement

Provided you have had at least two years membership of the scheme and have become too ill to work in your present job, you may be able to retire early and take your pension benefits.  If you think you should be considered for retirement on grounds of ill health, there is a fully supported process with Occupational Health & HR, that needs to be followed in line with the Sickness/Performance Management policy.

Initially, you should discuss your situation with your Manager.

Useful Pension Information

Pensions and Divorce

If you are a member of the NHS Pension scheme, and are requested by your solicitor to provide information about your pension benefits, you should download copies of forms PD1and PD2 and the PoD Notes.

Nominating a Partner for NHS Pension Benefits

If you are legally free to marry or to enter a civil partnership, and have been in an exclusive relationship for at least 2 years, you may nominate your partner as a beneficiary of your pension. To do this you would need to complete form PN1 and return it to the Pensions Agency.

It is worth remembering that should your relationship breakdown, you will need to cancel the nomination. Information on how to do this can be found on the PN1 form.

Nominating someone other than a Partner/Spouse for NHS death in service life assurance lump sum.

If you wish to nominate somebody other than your partner/spouse, for example a child or sibling to receive your death in service life assurance lump sum you should complete form DB2 and send it to the Pensions Agency.

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