Job Evaluation Process

  • For a new post to be banded the job description, person specification and organisational chart must be submitted to the Agenda for Change inbox: in word format, ensuring the Application For Job Evaluation/Re-Evaluation is completed.
  • For re-banding the post holder(s) and line manager must agree on job description and submit this along with the person specification and organisation chart to the agenda for change inbox in word format, ensuring both line manager and post holder have completed the Application For Job Evaluation/Re-Evaluation
  • All jobs must go through Workforce BP or Manager for quality checking and completion of the Application For Job Evaluation/Re-Evaluation before submitting for matching.
  • The job description and person specification for each post is reviewed by a panel of trained organisation job matchers, who will look to match the post to a nationally defined Agenda for Change job profile.
  • Each job matching panel consists of three or four people, with a combination of Staff representative and Management representative on each panel.
  • To ensure objectivity, none of the job evaluators on a panel are from the same profession as the post that is to be matched.
  • Post holder and Line manager for each post are informed prior to the panel and should be contactable by phone to provide additional information or be available to attend the panel in person.
  • The job matching process uses nationally agreed templates and criteria to ensure consistency and transparency in matching posts to the most appropriate profile. The system includes inbuilt flexibility to recognise and reflect variations that exist between posts. The job matching process is extremely detailed in considering all aspects of the role as described in the job description and person specification, due to the fact that certain posts have the same or similar job titles but may involve different activities and responsibilities. Therefore, no post is matched based on the job title alone.  By matching a post to an AfC profile, the job matchers are able to determine the appropriate payband for the post.
  • Once the post has been to a matching panel it will be submitted to a consistency panel.
  • Following consistency panel, line managers and post holders will be notified of the outcome.
  • If the line manager or post holder(s) are not happy with the banding result they can submit a review within 3 months.  The Application for Band Assignment Review form must be completed and the necessary information provided. Please note a review can only be requested once.
  • If the post holder feels the process wasn’t followed correctly i.e. no staff representative on a panel or the post hasn’t been through consistency they can submit appeal within 6 months of the banding outcome.
  • If the outcome is not matched the post holder or line manager will be informed they will have to complete a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ).

Please see the Afc Job Evaluation Page for Useful documents and guidance.