Staff Benefits & Expenses

The Staff Benefits and Expenses Team

Based in Home 15, we are a team of two staff who oversee the expenses system, and staff benefits such as Childcare, and Salary Sacrifice schemes.

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The Trust offers many benefits to you as an employee, such as access to child care, lease car schemes, technological schemes (such as home computers, laptops, iPads, phones and TVs). There are also a range of other discounts on day to day products.

Many of the schemes are Salary Sacrifice 'SMART' Schemes, which means that you pay for the benefit through deductions from your monthly salary. This saves you Tax National Insurance and Pension Contributions. (N.B. Salary Sacrifice Schemes may impact on your Pension Benefits).

This section contains various links, advice and guidance on the benefits available to you. Details and explanations of how and when you can access these benefits can be found in this section.


You will be able to find information and details, on what you are entitled to claim as reimbursement, and the steps needed for you to make a claim via the Trusts electronic expense system.


Enquiry Contact Number Email
Expenses your payroll officer See payroll list
Childcare Lisa Harrison 01253 (9)51178
Salary Sacrifice Lisa Harrison 01253 (9)51178

Staff Benefits & Expenses Manager:

Katie Lee
Telephone: 01253 (9)57006