All Foundation Programme trainees, nationally, will use the HORUS portfolio to document their training and learning throughout the two years.

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Plan your time

You must update your portfolio as you accumulate evidence of learning throughout the year.


The Foundation Programme features many milestones, purposefully spread throughout the year to provide sufficient time to complete each task.  Take the stress out of the ARCP (Annual Review of Competency Progression), by uploading your evidence at the time of learning.


Within your portfolio, you will be expected to have the following as a minimum:

  • Aim to have a minimum of 5 SLE’s completed within each placement
  • Aim to have at least 2 shared reflections over the year
  • A PDP for at least one placement but ideally all of them
  • Evidence of delivering teaching
  • Audit/QIP participation evidence
  • 1 complete TAB for the year
  • 1 complete PSG for the year (your clinical supervisor does this in placement 1)
  • A minimum of 60 teaching hours (made up of at least 30 core teaching hours)
  • Summary Narratives for each HLO completed/updated at the end of each placement
  • Clinical Supervisor End of placement meetings
  • Educational Supervisor End of placement meetings for P1 and P2
  • End of Year report for P3
  • ILS or ALS uploaded to meet FPC 2 requirements
  • PSA uploaded for FY1 trainees
  • Signed declarations
  • A completed Form R declaring all Locum shifts worked and any incidents (incidents should also have a reflection completed about them)

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