Establishment Control

Establishment Control is a formal process for matching information on funded posts in an organisation to the details of the staff currently employed in those posts. Having an effective establishment control process in place means that the Trust can assess what our Establishment (i.e. required staffing levels); Staff in Post & Vacancy by Position is across the Trust. This will help inform the planning of how we reach our required staffing levels across the organisation.

The key to accurate staff in post data on the ESR system rests with line managers completing new starter forms, assignment change forms and termination forms as soon as they are aware of a change to the employee’s contractual status. In the event of a move for an entire team contact your Divisional Finance representative for advice.

The assignment change form has been improved to make it more user-friendly and it contains links in each of the sections of the form which will take you to a guide explaining each field if needed. Having completed the form, you can also monitor its progress through its authorisation route.

There is also a help guide to selecting the Position Number which has been made a mandatory field when completing the assignment change form. This is because a correct position number is vital to maintaining establishment control. Click on the link ‘Position Numbers Guidance’ to the right of this page for this.

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