Incident Reporting & Collective Exit Process

Incident Reporting & Investigation

The Trust is committed to the establishment of a supportive, open and learning culture that encourages staff to report incidents and near misses through the appropriate channels. The aim is not to apportion blame but rather to learn from incidents and near misses through the appropriate channels and to improve practices, systems and processes accordingly. All staff within the Trust have a responsibility to ensure that they report any incident or near miss they have been involved in or witnessed. Please note that you must ensure that you report all incidents, especially those that involve patient safety, preferably within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

Trainee Named in Incident

The Medical Education Department are informed by the Clinical Governance Department if any trainees are named in an incident whilst working at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. Medical Education will send a generic email notifying you of this –in most circumstances, you should already be aware of the incident. Your involvement may purely be as a witness or it may be that you reviewed a patient following an incident that occurred. Your Clinical/Educational Supervisor will also receive an email from Medical Education with details of the incident that you have been involved in. To ascertain your involvement, you will need to discuss it with your supervisor. During the discussion with your Supervisor, they will confirm whether this should be included in your Form R. As you are aware, incidents are used as a learning opportunity and to improve practice. If you think you have been wrongly named in an incident, please contact

Once all of the relevant information needed for the report has been collected, Medical Education will send you a copy of the form for a specific month. You will only receive the form if you have been named in one of the concerns/investigations. You will also receive a letter explaining the process. You should discuss the form with your Clinical or Educational Supervisor and if you require any further support, you can contact Medical Education. You should notify us immediately if you have been wrongly named. Any details recorded on the report should be included in your Form R.