Vacancy Requisition

All vacancies are added directly to the TRAC system.

Please see the adding a vacancy document for assistance with this.

Find simplified TRAC guides made specifically for recruiting managers here - User guide - Trac: User guide

Vacancies will need to be approved by the relevant finance team, DDOP, and by the HR team once this is done the vacancy will be made live within 24 hours.

Should you need any assistance to add a vacancy please contact the recruitment team.

Job Description and Person Specification

Job Descriptions must be precise and unambiguous, specifying principal roles and responsibilities of the post-holder and must follow the standard format. Ensure all Job Descriptions are relevant, flexible and accurate.

The Person Specification describes the requirements of the ideal person to fill the post and is a profile of the necessary qualifications, personal skills and aptitudes.

The requirements of the Person Specification must be objective, measurable and free from any discriminatory bias. Criteria or requirements which are unnecessary to the post and which might exclude applicants or particular groups must not be included.

The Person Specification should indicate how the requirements will be tested through the recruitment process, e.g. from information on the application form, through the interview or through other selection processes.

Advertising - Writing the Advert

The Appointing Manager should consider carefully whether other external advertising is necessary. It is the responsibility of the Appointing Manager to draft the wording to the advertisement, ensuring that this reflects the requirements specified within the Job Description/Person Specification.

The content of the advertisement is essential to successful recruitment; the aim is to target the most suitable pool of applicants.

Useful Documents for this section: