Educational Governance

The purpose of educational governance is to embed quality, accountability, and a culture of continuous improvement within Medical Education Services.

Medical Education Services, as the Local Education Provider (LEP) for Health Education North West (HENW), has overall responsibility for the delivery and quality of medical education within Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Internally, it is accountable to the Trust Board whilst externally it is accountable to the General Medical Council (GMC) and HENW. It is also responsible for implementing the Department’s Education/Quality Strategy and for ensuring that education translates into a better trained medical workforce.

Educational Governance Strategic Objectives:

  • To create a learning environment that attracts and retains a high calibre medical workforce
  • To provide a learning environment that delivers safe effective patient care
  • To support the development of research skills in the medical workforce
  • To create an environment in which education innovation thrives
  • To ensure adequate financial resources for education and accountability
  • To significantly enhance the profile of medical education
  • To develop strategic partnerships and enhance the reputation of the Department as an education provider