Paediatric Immediate Life Support RC (UK)

The PILS course teaches the knowledge and skills to:

  • understand the structured ABCDE approach that facilitates rapid recognition of seriously ill children;
  • provide appropriate initial treatment interventions to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest;
  • treat children in respiratory or cardiorespiratory arrest until the arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance;
  • become an effective team member who can respond appropriately in an emergency.

Pre-course preparation:

Candidates receive their PILS pre course information a minimum of  two weeks before the start of the course. Candidates are expected to have prepared for the course by reading the manual. Candidates will recieve a multiple-choice question (MCQ) paper to support Candidate learning.

Who is this course suitable for?
The PILS Course is appropriate for a range of Candidates including doctors, nurses, paramedics, ODPs, health visitors, school nurses, midwives, cardiac technicians, resuscitation officers, physiotherapists, dentistry professionals, ambulance technicians and medical and nursing students

Assessment and Certification

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and is guided by the assessment forms provided for each core skill. You will receive a copy of the assessment forms with your manual.

Successful Candidates receive a Resuscitation Council UK PILS provider certificate, which is valid for one year.

This course is recognised as continuing professional development (CPD) by the Medical, Dental and Nursing Royal Colleges and Health Care Professional Council. Please contact your registering body for further information.

If you would like to book onto a course please contact the Resuscitation Office on 01253 957778 or email

PLEASE NOTE: you are required to access the pILS manual from the Library in HPEC at least 2 weeks prior to the course.

 Failure to do so with result in not being able to complete the course.


9th January   10th January

7th February   8th February

6th March   7th March

12th April  23rd April

8th May  17th May

4th June  17th June

19th July  22nd July 

12th August  13th August

12th September  13th September

17th October

12th November  13th November

12th December  13th December

Course Fees

Internal Candidates: Free

External Candidates £200

Further Information