When recruited as an ST1 to Blackpool you should: -

  • Log-in to FF and follow their instructions.

There will be a Wednesday afternoon teaching session to become familiar with it following your ST1 Induction.

What is the ePortfolio and why?

An online training record that allows trainees to log learning experiences mapped to the RCGP curriculum and competence areas (learning log) and record the required workplace-based assessments (WPBA) as well as collecting the results of the applied knowledge test (AKT) and RCA together. It allows supervisors to review that log and assess the trainee's competence as they move through the training programme. Of note, you will be assessed according to being competent for licensing and independent practice, so it is usual to expect gradings of 'needs further development' early on in your training - this is not a negative judgement. You should progress towards 'competent' and 'excellent' as time goes on.

What is the learning log?

The learning log is your personal learning record. Add entries to your e-Portfolio regularly and 'share' them with your supervisor by clicking on the share button (otherwise he/she cannot read them). Add a curriculum statement heading by clicking on the statement. The evidence you gather here will be read by your supervisor, discussed with you at your 6 monthly reviews and be submitted to the ARCP panel after each review to demonstrate your learning journey and progression towards competence. This will inform the decision to continue you in your GP training pots and, along with your completed assessments, out of hours log and other required evidence, will eventually result, at the end of ST3 year, in gaining your certificate of completion of training in order to become an independent general practitioner.

Remember: You must record all entries of learning as evidence that you have completed them!

Your supervisor and the ARCP panel are not with you during your working day. Unless you record what, you learn and what you need to know, they will not be aware of what you have done. In this instance gathering more evidence of learning will strengthen any decisions passed.

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