HR Policy Forum FAQs

How do HR Policies get approved?

Once written, policies go the HR Policy Forum. The intention of the Forum is to discuss policies to ensure they are fit for purpose. They need to be both easily understood and be complaint with the Law.

What happens if the Policy Forum does not agree the Policy?

If policies can be amended within the Policy Forum this is done. Where this is not possible the policy is rejected.

Rejected policies are returned to the Author/s with advice from the Forum on reasons for rejection. The Author/s then rewrite the Policy and resubmit to the Forum. If the Author is unahppy about the decision they can resubmit the policy to the Forum and attend to discuss.

In the unlikely event the Forum is not able to approve a policy, and an author is unable to make any further amendments, the author can take the policy to JNCC for their consideration. The JNCC is the formal approval body for Trust Policies

Once approved by the JNCC, policies are then validated by the Human Resources and Organisation Development(HR & OD) Committee which represents the Executive Board. Formally validated policies are then uploaded onto the Intranet and Training given where appropriate on implementation.

What happens once the Policy Forum has agreed the Policy?

The Policy moves to the Operational Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee(JNCC). This is the main Negotiation and Consultation body of the Trust, and involves a number of representatives from various Trade Union, Staff Organisations and senior HR management. Some of the Policy Forum members also attend JNCC meetings.

Would you like to your say/input to the Policies currently being reviewed?

Policies currently being reviewed, and going to the next HR Policy Forum are in the accordion box labelled 'Policies in Progress' at the bottom of main HR Policy Forum page.

If you would like to comment on therse policies, please click on the link below.

Appropriate comments will be anonymised, and taken to the HR Policy Forum to be included in the discussion.