Organisational Change/Change Management

This Policy sets out the Trust’s approach to the management of organisational change and the procedure that must be followed by managers wishing to implement significant change.

This policy and procedure supports the aim of managing strategic and operational change in a way that is both supportive to staff and enhances the provision of the highest quality of patient care.

Changes at Work

When considering making any sort of changes to a service/job role that would affect you your line manager must ensure:

  • They include all relevant people in the development of any change including staff, staff side representatives, patients and other stakeholders.
  • They work in partnership and engage with staff side at the earliest possible time.
  • They consider the impact on employee job descriptions, hours of work, rota/shift patterns and the number of staff required (i.e. potential redundancies).
  • That they do not make assumptions about banding of jobs. Revised job descriptions must go through the job evaluation process.
  • There is sufficient time in the lead time for meaningful consultation.