Everyday Coaching Conversations

"Coaching is seen as a means of positively developing people so that they perform more effectively and reach their potential"  (CIPD April 2005).

Using a coaching style is an essential communication tool that is line with the Trusts' Vision & Values. The Trust aspires to build a culture where coaching conversations between managers, their staff and peers, become the standard.

Good coaching conversations with your manager, staff or colleagues, can lead to self-motivation. Helping develop an attitude that is oriented towards solutions and continual improvement, rather than problems and avoidance.

If you would like to learn more about developing a coaching style, then please reserve yourself a place on one of our Everyday Coaching Conversations workshops, details below.

Course Overview

This one-day workshop is an introduction to Everyday Coaching Conversations and how they can support you in your role, day to day. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

Available Dates for 2024

Date Time Venue
Thursday, 22 February 09.30am – 16.30pm Room 1, Education Centre, BVH
Friday, 26th April 09.30am – 16.30pm Room 4, Education Centre, BVH
Wednesday, 26 June 09.30am – 16.30pm Room 1, Education Centre, BVH
Thursday, 25 July 09.30am – 16.30pm Seminar Room, Lytham PCC
Wednesday, 25 September 09.30am – 16.30pm To be confirmed
Friday, 29 November 09.30am – 16.30pm To be confirmed

Sign me up!

If you would like to attend this workshop, please contact samantha.landon@nhs.net for an application form and to advise of your preferred date. Places are limited, but we will do our best to accommodate your chosen date.