Lancaster Timetable Information

4th Year Timetable Information - Academic Year 2019-2020

Timetable Structure

The timetable for your first rotation has been included in your induction pack; however they will usually be emailed to you by one of the Undergraduate Coordinators a few days before the start of the next rotation. You have been placed in a group and within your group you have a clinical partner. You will attend all clinical sessions with your partner and they will act as chaperone.

The 4th year timetable consists of 8 weeks in Medicine (rotating around the different areas in medicine) 4 weeks in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 6 weeks in Surgery (rotating around the different areas) 4 weeks in Psychiatry, 4 weeks in Paediatrics and 4 weeks in Palliative Care. The 4th year timetable also consists of GP placement for 6 weeks. You also attend CCT once every other week and have a self-directed study day every other week. Copies of the overall timetable for the full academic year are in your induction pack. The overall timetable informs you where you will be starting and where you will rotate to next.

Within each area there are rotational leads that are there to help you while you are in the rotation (information below) Please use the information provided below to contact the rotational leads if required.