Once a Recruiting Manager has completed "Rapid Shortlisting" and input their interview arrangements, the Recruitment Team will use that information to invite all shortlisting candidates to interview via TRAC.

Invitations are sent containing booking requests via email & SMS text. Reminders are auto-sent periodically to encourage shortlisted candidates to book their interview slot.

TRAC will allot interview times on a first-come-first-served basis. TRAC will also move to fill vacated slots (by applicants withdrawing) with those who book at a later date.

Interview Preparation

It is essential that at least one panel member has attended Recruitment and Selection training. Prior to interview, theRecruiting Manager and each of the Panel Members will have been sent a Pre and Post Interview Pack from the Recruitment Department.

The Recruiting Manager should meet with all Panel Members prior to the interview to ensure that questions are prepared and that all parties are familiar and comfortable with their responsibilities.

A well prepared interview is designed to obtain evidence of the candidate(s) skills, knowledge and experience; and to ensure that all candidates are given the same opportunity to present information and to ask questions about the job.

The prepared questions should be asked ensuring that the substance of the questions does not vary according to race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or disability, or unwarranted discrimination on the grounds of age or political affiliation.

The aim is to gather sufficient information using probing questions where necessary, to gain a complete picture of the individual qualities and to enable a selection decision to be made.

The Recruitment Team will make the Recruiting Manager aware in advance if candidates need adjustments to attend and/or take part in a selection interview. The Appointing Manager will need to arrange for these adjustments to be put into place. Even without prior notice, every effort will be made to accommodate any needs of a person with a disability when they arrive for their interview.

The appointing manager is responsible for making arrangements for the interview including; welcoming the candidates, arranging a suitable room and making available presentation equipment, where required.

The Interview

The invite to interview letter explains exactly what is required at interview. The Chair (usually the recruiting line manager) has additional duties, to include taking photocopies of original documentation and collating all of the interview paperwork to return to the Recruitment Department.

The Recruiting Manager should not interview a candidate who has not brought any proof of identity to the interview.

The purpose of an interview is to obtain information from the candidate(s) to enable the panel to objectively select the most suitable person(s) for the job(s).

The Application Form should be referred to as appropriate during the interview. The Appointing Manager should check that no details have changed on their application form.

Confirming the Interview Outcome

The Recruiting Manager will contact all candidates verbally, informing them whether they have been successful or unsuccessful unless advised differently at interview. The successful candidate will be informed of the job offer subject to satisfactory references, occupational health clearance and a satisfactory CRB Disclosure and eligibility to work.

Unsuccessful candidates should be given the opportunity for constructive feedback.



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