Maternity Training

New born Life Support Update Training

This is an aspect of mandatory training for all Maternity and Neonatal staff and therefore needs to be completed on an annual basis.

The course is aimed for those who may have to initiate resuscitation at, or following birth, if they regularly attend deliveries and/or regularly have contact with babies in the neonatal period.

The format of this course is completion of an e-learning package and assessment of practical skills (Airway Test).

Registered Nurses & Midwives who attend the FULL DAY of the RC (UK) NLS course is covered for  4 years, but they must complete this training annually in between for mandatory compliance.

Once you have watched the Physiology Lecture and Practice Scenarios (below), please complete the e-learning package.

Please note this updated algorithm which has been updated from the version in the e-learn package which will be updated soon.

NLS Algorithm

Resuscitation Equipment:

Basic airway opening manoeuvre with inflation:

Two person jaw thrust:

Baby born through thick meconium:

Infant Chest Compressions:

Pre-term baby:

Community Midwives:

Questions and Answers:

Once you have completed the relevant e-learning packages you are required to complete a practical assessment.

Evidence of completion of the e-learning package MUST be presented to the facilitators prior to the Airway Test. Please note, the Airway Test cannot be undertaken without evidence of successful completion of the theoretical component. A certificate will be issued following successful completion of the Airway Test.

Midwifery staff will have the opportunity to do the Airway test on the Maternity ‘Drills’ day.

Neonatal staff are required to arrange a test with the neonatal PD Sister if they are unable to attend the advertised testing dates.


Midwifery PD Sister – Ext. 56458

Neonatal PD Sister- Ext. 53659

Resuscitation Department – Ext. 57778

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