Termination Form

*Please note that the links for ESR Forms will only work when using the NHS computer network, as the information is held on the Trust Intranet*


  • Use the Termination Form only when an employee is either leaving the trust completely or is leaving a post. Complete the form as soon as you know the employee is leaving, this reduces any risk of overpayment.
  • Use the Assignment Change Form if the employee is transferring to another department.
  • Examples:Example 1: Employee is leaving the Trust to join another organisation. Complete the Termination Form.Example 2: Employee has 2 or more posts and is leaving 1 of them. Complete the Termination Form but only for the post which is ceasing.Example 3: Employee transfers from one department to another. Use an Assignment Change Form. This is completed by the receiving department manager.

Click here to access the Termination Form.