Working Time Directive

The European Working Time Directive has been fully implemented across the NHS and applies to everyone. Main features of the legislation are:

  • An average of 48 hours working time each week
  • 11 hours continuous rest in 24 hours
  • 24 hours continuous rest in 7 days (or 48 hours in 14 days)
  • A minimum break of 20 minutes in work periods of over 6 hours
  • A minimum of 5.6 weeks annual leave (pro-rata if part time)
  • An average of no more than 8 hours work in 24 (for night workers)

All employees wishing to undertake additional work activities (above an average of 48 hours a week) are required to declare these to the Trust by completing a EWTD Opt Out Form. For further information on EWTD, Indemnity, New Deal and Junior Doctor Monitoring please see below guidance.  You can also view our FAQ Page for Working Time Directive.