Leaving the Trust

If you, or as a manager, a member of your team are leaving the Trust it is important for us to understand why, and also process the information in a timely manner.

You can find your notice period requirement here.

Once notice of a resignation has been provided a termination form is completed within 24 hours of the receipt of the resignation (even if there is 3 months notice). This is to ensure that payments are correct and ensures there is up-to-date information on staffing levels.

Exit Questionnaires


The Trust’s Exit Interview Procedure has been updated and is now called the Exit Interview and Retention Procedure.

The new procedure will allow managers to have a conversation with an employee when they are submitting a resignation or express a wish to leave, to determine whether there are any measures or changes we can put in place to encourage employees to remain with the Trust or Department.

If the employee still wishes to leave the organisation or department then an exit survey will be sent to their email address once a termination form / assignment changes form has been completed by the manager.

The feedback we receive from exit interviews is fundamental to the Trust in working with all employees and departments to make changes where required in order to make the organisation a ‘Great Place to Work’.   Without the feedback we are unable to make changes and your views matter to us, so please take the time to complete the survey.



If you have any queries relating to the revised Exit Process, please contact Human Resources on 01253 951600 option 4