Study Leave

Study leave is intended to support trainees with release from clinical work and give financial support for courses to meet career aims and objectives. It should integrate with the individual education plan for each module of training with the total training package. You are required to enter a PDP entry for any course that you use study leave funding to attend. A reflective log entry after the course is also necessary.

Whilst the budget is annual, it is possible for trainees to use funds across the total time of training. To maintain integrity of the programme budgets overall, such plans should be discussed with Dr. Meenakshi Varia, the TPD in advance. The budget is not for examinations, affiliation to or membership of the RCGP, however, mileage to examinations may be applied for.

The GP structured teaching programme is part of your 30 days study leave and therefore time and cost are deducted from your allowance.

You are advised to plan your study leave at the regular review meetings with your Educational Supervisor and apply by following the correct processes.

Accessing the Hicom Accent Leave Manager System:

All aspects of the application, submission and approval will be dealt with via the Accent Leave Manager and will replace all previous Study Leave processes.

You will be able to track the progress of the request via the system and where all comments are visible to you.  All Administrator and approvals will be done via the system.  Expenses will also be submitted via the system where PGDrsiT will be able to upload receipts and receive reimbursement via their salary each month as per the previous payment process.

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