Staff Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Occupational Health offers a free, and confidential CBT service for all BFWH staff.

What is CBT?

  • CBT is a short - term structural therapy for understanding and managing your emotional, behavioural, physical and cognitive difficulties in your life.
  • It is short - term focussed and goal orientated, and involves motivation and willingness of the individual to make changes.
  • It initially emphasises the "here and now" and discusses difficulties that are affecting you, and impacting on your work and personal life

Why CBT?

CBT is an evidence based therapy for helping people to develop skills and strategies to cope with :

  • Depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessions
  • Habit disorders
  • Adjustments disorders
  • And other stress related issues

Who can use the CBT service?

The service is available to all BFWH staff - free of charge. However, external staff can access the service if their manager agrees to funding for the session.

For further details about the referral process please contact The Occupational Health Department on 01253 (9)57950.

How do I access CBT?

Employees cannot self - refer. Your manager must refer you in the usual way of outlining problems or issues that you may have. The Occupational Health Consultant will then decide if CBT is appropriate in your particular case.

How long does CBT take?

Sessions can last up to one hour. Four consecutive sessions are arranged but some people benefit from more. This varies on the individual and their needs.

How long will I wait for an appointment?

Appointments can usually be offered within 4 weeks, however this is subject to the length of the waiting list at the time of referral. Due to the varying workload of our staff, we ask that you be patient during this time.

What if I cannot attend?

Contact Tracey Wilcock on 01253 956205 or email at least 48 hours before your appointment to rearrange.

If you do not inform us in time, it will count as one of your booked sessions, and your department may be charged a cancellation fee.

Where does it take place?

Sessions are held at 'The Staff Health and Wellbeing Centre' situated in Whinacre House, Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

See our CBT Leaflet for more information.