Practice Education Facilitators FAQs

List of available Practice Education Facilitators FAQs:

Are PEF’s involved in the self Assessment (Education Audit) process?

Yes, PEFs support all practice areas to ensure their learning environment meets quality assurance standards through;

  • Audit preparation
  • Action Plan review and facilitation

Do PEFs allocate Learners to placements?

No, the allocation of learners is an HEI responsibility. However PEFs do work in partnership with the HEIs to ensure learners are allocated appropriately to meet their learning needs.

Do PEFs provide on-going support to practice environments?

Yes, PEFs provide best practice advice and guidance in relation to health professionals’ education. This is offered through mentor/educator updates, workshops, visits, meetings and teaching sessions.

How do I apply for a Clinical Mentorship Course?

  • Enquire with the PEF about any local courses
  • Through the appraisal process and ‘CPD apply’

How do I contact my PEF?

  • Via global email
  • Trust website
  • In person by appointment if possible

How do the PEFs ensure ongoing quality is maintained?

A variety of mechanisms are used to achieve this including;

  • Annual mentor/educator updates/ teaching sessions
  • Access to mentorship modules
  • ‘Live’ mentor/ educator database
  • Audit process
  • Learning environment action plans
  • HEI action plans – Quality Assurance
  • Student action plans
  • Student evaluations
  • Mentor/educator evaluations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Facilitating new initiatives/ developments
  • Communication educational and practice information
  • Promotion of Inter-Professional Learning

What is the PEFs role in ‘learners failing to achieve’ and other issues?

The PEFs role is to support the mentor/educator and work in partnership with the HEI to implement appropriate actions or advice. The PEFs provide guidance and support in accordance with Trust and HEI policies and regulatory body standards.

What is the PEFs role in Inter-Professional Learning?

The PEFs role is to identify and promote existing IPL and to lead on the structuring, design and delivery of new initiatives within the Trust.

What is the PEFs role with regards to mentor/educator capacity?

PEFs have a responsibility for ensuring all Trust learning environments have sufficient mentors /educators in place to provide high quality learning experiences. The learners to mentor/educator ratios are based on regulatory body requirements.

What is the role of the PEF?

PEFs are experienced health professionals employed by local NHS Trusts who work in partnership with the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). PEFs are responsible for ensuring the provision of high quality multi-professional learning environments, the maintenance and increase of mentor/educator numbers and the development of inter-professional learning and support in practice.