Staff Lottery

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is licensed to run a monthly staff lottery. The lottery offers three cash prizes and raises money for staff amenities across the Trust.

Who can enter?

The Staff Lottery is open to all staff across Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Staff must have regular contracted hours and be on the Trust’s payroll.


Tickets are £1 each and a maximum of 5 tickets can be purchased. Payment will be deducted from your salary (a minimum of £1 per month, to a maximum of £5 per month). It is the responsibility of each employee to check that deductions are accurate.


A prize pool will be created by the monthly contributions to the lottery. The greater the number of players, the bigger the cash prizes and funds raised for staff benefit.

The prize pool is split – 50% on prizes and 50% towards the Staff Benefits Fund (see below for details)

Annually, the total value of prizes issued by the lottery will be the equivalent of:

  • 1st prize – 35% of total contributed
  • 2nd prize – 10% of total contributed
  • 3rd prize – 5% of total contributed

There may be a one-off “super draw” per year with larger cash prizes. This will replace one of the monthly draws during the year, and will be publicised in advance of the draw date.

How to Enter

You can enter the lottery at any stage by completing the online lottery entry form (link only accessible via the internal trust network) which authorises a payroll deduction.  Alternatively if you do not have access to a computer, you can print off and complete a Staff Lottery Entry Form.

Providing entries are made by the end of a calendar month, deductions will be made from the subsequent month’s payroll, and you will be entered into the following month’s draw. For example, if you submit an entry form in October, payroll deductions occur in November, and you will be entered into the December draw.

Your number(s) are automatically allocated and go forward into each month’s prize draw.

Draw Dates

The Lottery draw will take place on the second Wednesday of each month.


Every month, the communications team produce a newsletter announcing the winners of the draw. You can view the newsletters here.

Staff Benefits Fund

Staff can apply to the Staff Benefits Fund to make use of the additional monies that are raised through the Staff Lottery.  Please complete the application form below and return to the Staff benefits team.

Funding Application Form

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