NHS Widening Access Scheme: Tax and NI Contributions.

Some members of staff who were seconded to attend professional training  at University or College may have paid Tax and NI contributions in error.  You may be entitled to a rebate of these contributions.  If you think you may be entitled, please answer the following questions:

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    You may be eligible for a refund at this time. You need to provide evidence by contacting the relevant Educational establishment for proof that the above criteria apply. This needs to be official documentation on letterheaded paper (an email is NOT sufficient). This evidence from the educational establishment needs to contain the following details:

    • Name of course

    • Education Body

    • Course start date

    • Course end date

    • Confirmation that you attended for twenty weeks or more

    • Confirmation that the course was intended to last at least twelve months

    • The full time/part time status of the course

    This evidence should then be submitted to payroll who will progress your claim.

    PLEASE NOTE that if you get a refund of National Insurance contributions you might find that your HMRC National Insurance record is deficient. This could affect your entitlement to state pension and benefits. Also, if you received tax credits while you were on the Widening Access Training scheme and successfully reclaim tax and NI, you may have to pay the tax credits back.

    You are not eligible for a refund at this time.