Evaluation of Educational Experience (EEEs)

Our Evaluation of Educational Experience Survey or EEEs is the main way that we will get direct feedback from our entire Junior Doctor Cohort. This survey allows us to collect information regarding the quality of placements from all areas and levels of education. We then use this survey in reports such as the ones below, to help our Education Leads and Programme Directors shape the changes and innovations in local education that can help to improve your experience with us as Learners.

It is crucial that we have Learner support and Engagement with these reports, as a couple of minutes of each of our Learner's time, presents the Trust with a wealth of data that we can use to really dial in and target areas of good practice, or areas that require improvement.

Please see below a list of all of the currently available reports that you can view, if you have any questions about the information contained below or would like to discuss how you can get involved in this process with us, please feel free to send an email to Rachel Cowell (contact on Quality Assurance page).