Foundation Teaching is:

  • Scheduled fortnightly (on average)
  • Tuesday for FY1s
  • Thursday for FY2s
  • Full day from 9am - 5pm
  • Bleep-free (leave your bleep at Reception on arrival)

Depending upon the topic, the teaching will be held in the Simulation & Skills Centre or the Education Centre.

If you would like a topic adding to the teaching programme, please get in touch with Anne-Marie, the Foundation Programme Teaching Lead.

This teaching programme is mandatory, with each department supporting your attendance on work days overall.  However, this is a working hospital and there may be occasions when your department is unable to release you to attend.  If this exceptional circumstance arises, a Consultant would need to make this request to the Foundation team, with as much notice as possible.

Feedback and Evidence

You will be asked to complete feedbackat the end of each session, to allow our presenters to receive comments about their session.  This process ensures we continue to ask the most effective presenters to be part of the teaching programme.