Our Programme

Our Foundation Programme is divided into 14 Tracks, with three different specialty placements and consequently, three FY trainees in each. The order of the trainees assigned to placements within each Track is determined by the Foundation Programme Directors (FPDs).


Requests for alterations to placement order will only be considered under exceptional circumstances and will consider the affect upon your fellow FYs in the same Track.  Requests for alterations between Tracks are not permitted, as they are determined by Health Education North West (HENW).

Change-over days

Change overs between placements are scheduled on the first Wednesday of:

  • August
  • December
  • April
Locum work

Additional work undertaken must be done so in accordance with the Locum work guidance issued by Health Education North West.


Each placement assigns you to a Clinical Supervisor (CS) within that specialty, with your first CS being your Educational Supervisor (ES) for FY1 and FY2.

Rota Co-ordinator

Each specialty rota is managed by a specific rota co-ordinator.

Please click on the link to view the latest rota co-ordinator list.