Local Induction – Manager Responsibilities

Manager Responsibilities

Although new starters are encouraged to take ownership of their local induction, managers have an essential role to play in working through the local induction with them and ensuring they have all the information they need to be a valued and effective member of the team.

There may be elements of the Local Induction that other team members could support with. It really is a team effort.

New starters will be sent access to the local induction form upon starting at the Trust by The Organisational Development Team, and this will be required to be completed via ESR.

NB: Basic training on ESR could be a great starting point for the local induction!

As new starters work through the local induction form, they will need to confirm that they understand each element. To make sure all our staff are safe and well, they will not be able to progress until the can confirm their understanding.

The local induction is required to be completed within 4 weeks of the start date. The Organisational Development Team will send reminders to both the new starter and their line manager.

Your Team

You may already have local induction programmes, processes, and timetables in place to welcome new staff, ensure they are aware of working practices and procedures and make them feel part of the team. The local induction form is the assurance that all staff receive the required information consistently across the Trust.

The following pages will take you through the induction form where you will be able to determine how this information should be communicate to the new starter – will you have an ‘induction buddy’ or delegate certain elements to other team members?

Importance Notice

The following pages are a ‘mirror’ of the questions in the local induction form on ESR. This information is to help guide you through the induction with your new starters. The form must be completed by the new starter on ESR to achieve compliance.

Check List Prior to Start

  • Had the required equipment been ordered and received?
  • Has an appointment with the digital identity/smartcard team been made for the first day of employment? Contact them at bfwh.smartcards@nhs.net
  • Have you arranged a 'meet and greet' with your new starter?
  • Have you reminded your team of your new members arrival?
  • Have you protected time to support your new starter through their local induction?