Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust offers a 12-month preceptorship programme providing support and guidance for newly registered Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) or Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) professionals, facilitating that supported transition from student to autonomous practitioner.

We recognise that the transition from student to accountable practitioner can be a daunting, as well as exciting, time. The preceptorship lead is available to answer any queries about Preceptorship and can help guide and support preceptees through their first year in practice.

Chelsea Nixon - Practice Education Facilitator - Post Graduate Lead. (Preceptorship Lead)

Education Centre, Whinney Heys Road|Blackpool|FY3 8NR

Telephone: 01253 954000 / internal extension 56417

Twitter: @BTHEducation


Your first year of professional practice is a busy time, settling into a new environment and adapting to your new role. This is the time to set up good habits that will enhance your professional practice for your lifelong career.

Newly registered practitioners benefit from regular support by experienced practitioners during their first year of practice, called your ‘Preceptor’.  Pivotal to this period of transition will be your 'Preceptor' supporting and guiding you, who will be allocated by your line manager.

This relationship is different to your previous relationship with your mentor/assessor/supervisor during pre-registration education. In this situation you are both accountable, registered practitioners and have shared roles and responsibilities as directed in the Preceptorship Policy.

In addition to the corporate induction, clinical mandatory training and local orientation packages you will receive, there is a generic Preceptee Development Programme to support your development.

For details of the Trust’s Community Preceptorship Programme please contact Clinical Improvement Lead Sarah Critchley (01253 955108) or the main Clinical Improvement Team (01253 951119)


A preceptor is a registered professional practitioner with at least twelve months experience within the same area of practice as the preceptee, the same band or above. The role involves offering guidance, support, and supervision to the newly registered practitioner. The preceptor will identify potential learning opportunities for the new staff member. Prospective preceptors will be determined locally by managers. If you are interested, you can identify yourself to your manager.

Your input in supporting our new practitioners is invaluable and we hope you will enjoy this challenging and rewarding experience. There is a face-to-face training to prepare for this role, accessible through ESR to give you some guidance in supporting newly qualified practitioners in practice and to explain the use of the Northwest Multiprofessional Preceptorship Tool on PARE. The preceptorship lead is also on hand to offer advice and support to preceptors.

Preceptor Training and PARE for Preceptorship

The Trust wide Preceptorship Programme for all Nurses, Nurse Associates and AHPs documentation is now on PARE. Come along to any of the below sessions to find out more and receive a demo:

  • Wednesday 17th January from 10:00am-12:30pm om the Seminar Room at Lytham PCC
  • Monday 22nd January from 14:30-17:00pm in Room 6 at the Education Centre

Book on through ESR or by calling 54000.

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