ARCP: Annual Review of Competence Progression

All Foundation trainees are given an ARCP at the end of both Year 1 and Year 2 to agree on whether or not they have met the required competencies of that year. They must have their portfolios completed in full by 31 May, meaning that the Clinical and Educational Supervisors’ reports for the full year will need to have been completed by this date. We acknowledge that this means that Clinical and Educational Supervisors are asked to provide feedback on trainees who have only been in their department a matter of weeks; but if a trainer truly feels that the trainee is not ready to progress further in their training, then they can receive additional training before being signed off.

We require Supervisors to sit on ARCP panels. The Foundation Programme Administrator will ask for volunteers to spend a couple of hours in the second week of June to attend a panel, and so all help is gratefully received!

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