Bullying and Harassment

The Trust is committed to maintaining a culture that provides a healthy working environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

As an employee the Trust requires you to behave appropriately in the workplace, and to treat other staff with the same respect and dignity you would expect. Any form of harassment is unacceptable and the Trust will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour, abuse of power or position.

If you witness any bullying or harassment you have a duty to report it to your Line Manager, HR Manager, or Trade Union Representative

If you are subject to bullying and/or harassment, but do not feel able to talk about it, make notes including HR Manager or Trade Union Representative for advice and support.

In accordance with Just Culture, please ensure you have attempted the 4Ws process as detailed in the attached document.  Just Culture - 4W's process.

A Just Culture looks first at what was responsible for an issue or situation before looking at who was responsible. The actions of individuals need to be placed into context early, not at the end which often happens.