Study Leave

Study Leave is available to Foundation Doctors once they have completed 6 months of FY1 (so from February). From this point they can apply to attend courses, conferences and educational activities via the Study leave process. Foundation doctors have 10 days of study leave to use. They must seek approval for the days off through their rota-coordinator and then submit the signed, completed study leave application form to the Foundation Programme Administrator. This will then be sent to the Programme director to request approval and any previous study leave taken will be taken into consideration. Once approved a letter of approval will be sent to the trainee and the rota-coordinator will be copied in.

Study leave cannot be used for preparation for professional exams or for attending to sit the exams. These days come under professional leave and are at the discretion of the department however, no more than 3 days should be approved per exam for fairness.

Study leave can also be used for foundation doctors to participate in Taster experiences. These are 3-5 days shadowing in a speciality of their interest that they do not have within their 6 foundation placements. It is the trainee’s responsibility to arrange the time with the relevant speciality and then apply via the study leave process using the taster application form.

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