Trade Unions

Chair of the Trade Union Staff Side - Maggy Heaton

"As chair of the Trade Union Staff Side I would like to add my welcome to One HR.

Here you can access contact details for your Union reps and information about all the unions accredited by BTH.

We have been involved in the development of this web site and hope it allows you to find the information you were looking for easily.

Please let me, or one of the other reps, know if you have any feedback/concerns about this site and of course don't hesitate to contact one of us if you need our help."

Trade Unions are organisations that represent you at work. This can mean someone from the Union, meeting with management on your behalf.

The aim of a Trade Union is to protect you as a member. This includes making sure that your workplace is safe. The Trade Union also employ lawyers to make sure that the organisation treats you in accordance with the law.

You can access further information about the Trade Unions at the Trust or on how to join a Union on the right hand side of this page.

Other recognised unions are:

British Dietetic Association

British Dental Association

British Medical Association

The British and Irish Orthoptic Society

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Society of Radiographers

Royal College of Midwives

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