Freedom to Speak up Champions

We have 'Freedom to Speak Up Champions' across our different sites at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Click on the profiles below to learn more about our FTSU Champions:

Anthony Freestone

    Name: Anthony Freestone

    Role: Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Acute Medicine & Emergency Care)

    Location: Blackpool

    What FSTU means to me: I want to empower, drive and push boundaries, to promote a ‘no fear culture’ helping to eradicate prejudice and discrimination, where everyone feels inclusive and valued if they choose to speak out.

Liza Glover

    Name: Liza Glover

    Role: HCA Recruitment and Pastoral Lead, Clinical Quality

    Location: Blackpool

Michelle Chunger

    Name: Michelle Chunger

    Role:Quality Improvement Project Manager, QI Hub

    Location: Blackpool

    What FSTU means to me:Being approachable and friendly, supporting staff from any role, background or department by actively listening to them.

Joanne Gregory

    Name: Joanne Gregory

    Role: Medical devices nurse specialist (Nursing and Quality – 1st Floor)

    Location: Blackpool

Karen Newman

    Name: Karen Newman

    Role: Secretary to Community Consultant Palliative Medicine

    Location: Trinity Hospice

Jo Nicholls

    Name: Jo Nicholls

    Role: Quality and Governance Compliance Co-ordinator

    Location: Trinity Hospice

Amanda Bell

    Name: Amanda Bell

    Location: Trinity Hospice

Samantha Armstrong

    Name: Samantha Armstrong

    Role: Senior Anticoagulation Practitioner

    Location: Blackpool

    What FSTU means to me: I am a Senior Anticoagulation Practitioner, working in the Anticoagulant Department, Clinical Support Directorate. As a FTSU Champion I want to promote FTSU and be a point of contact for staff so that as Trust we can develop a culture where speaking up is recognised and valued.

Sharon Bryson-Walsh

    Name: Sharon Bryson-Walsh

    Role: Manual Handling Advisor

    Location: Blackpool

Savannah Hull

    Name: Savannah Hull

    Role: Specialist Practitioner

    Location: Blackpool

Lynda Walmsley

    Name: Lynda Walmsley

    Role: Clerical

    Location: Blackpool

Joanne Stevenson

    Name: Joanne Stevenson

    Role: Hospital Safety Officer

    Location: Blackpool

Caroline Kurt

    Name: Caroline Kurt

    Role: Health Visitor

    Location: Blackpool (Children's Community Services)

    About: I am currently working with Children’s Community Services to support improvement projects. I am a Registered Nurse and a Health Visitor. I want to encourage and support staff from across the Trust to Speak Up to improve quality and safety for patients, service users, staff and the Trust.

Christopher Veevers

    Name: Christopher Veevers

    Role: Paramedic

    Location: Blackpool

Kristian Zacharias

    Name: Kristian Zacharias

    Role: Homeless Link Worker

    Location: Blackpool

Paula Wright

    Name: Paula Wright

    Role: Health Improvement Coordinator

    Location: Blackpool

Charley-Dee King

    Name: Charley-Dee King

    Role: Cardiology Medical Secretary

    Location: Blackpool (3rd floor Cardiac unit)

Ross Berrigan

    Name: Ross Berrigan

    Role: Assistant Income and Financial Planning Accountant

    Location: Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Home 7