What we do

Recognised unions have a partnership agreement with the Trust. The main aim of this agreement is to work collaboratively in partnership and to support each other in carrying out our respective roles and responsibilities for the benefit of the Trust, our staff, our patients, users of services, their carers, and the public.

We promote staff involvement at all levels and seek to find solutions through collaborative working and staff involvement at all levels. Our shared approach to working together is characterised by openness and honesty; by a commitment to on-going engagement on issues of mutual interest and importance; and by early and pro-active information sharing.

Lead Reps of the Trade Union Staff Side

Staff Side Chair:

Maggy Heaton Steward RCN

01253 (9)55198

Staff Side Vice Chair:

Andy Lane Steward SOR

01253 (9)53661

Staff Side Secretary:

Barry Casey Steward Unite

01253 (9) 56114