Reporting Faulty Bedframes – Process

Reporting of broken/faulty beds

It has been highlighted that many broken or faulty beds are being placed on the corridors without being reported to Medstrom for appropriate repair and maintenance. As the extra bed stocks are very low this will have an impact on the quantity of working beds available across the trust.  Please ensure that all broken and faulty beds are reported correctly to Medstrom using the following process.

  • Report on I -Tracker or Telephone Medstrom on 0845 037 101717
  • Give the serial number of the bed and brief explanation of the fault. You will receive a reference number
  • Complete the broken bed form  Report faulty bed frames – BLACKPOOL and attach this to the bed and place on the corridor.
  • Faulty beds reported between 08.30-16.00 will normally be repaired the same day unless the damage requires the bed to be taken away for repair. Beds reported out of hours will normally be repaired the following day.
  • Replacement of a broken or faulty bed should be requested via the portering department.