BTH Leadership Survey


The BTH Leadership Survey is an online, user friendly questionnaire designed to enable managers and leaders to collect feedback on their management and leadership style. The feedback can offer an indication of your current performance as well as providing a platform from which an understanding of your strengths and development areas can be built. The BTH Leadership Survey is an excellent tool for self-reflection and to aid personal development planning.

The BTH Leadership Survey has been created with the BTH Strategy in mind, where the primary focus is on our people – specifically ensuring as a Trust we are working towards ‘growing our own’, ‘leadership development’ and creating a ‘healthy and happy workforce’. We are committed to supporting our Trust in achieving those key elements to ensure we have a sustainable workforce to look after our future patients in the wider community.

Getting started

 The BTH Leadership Survey template has been created using MS Forms and is easily accessible via a designated link provided on request by the Organisational Development team Please be sure to include ‘BTH Leadership Survey’ in the email subject line.