Qualification Checks

If a qualification is essential for the position, the Appointing Manager in conjunction with Resourcing Team must:

  • Request original certificate and take copies which must be signed and kept on personal file.
  • Check that the details on certificates match those the prospective employee provides as part of their application.
  • Contact the awarding body directly, where possible, to confirm the applicant’s attendance, course details and grade awarded.

Applicants may not always have the original documentation and appropriate discretion should be used and proportionate action taken.  The level of checks carried out should be proportionate to the level of risk to the individual role and the priority given in the person specification to the qualification, or the opportunity to cause harm or damage, in that position.

False claims regarding qualifications held will be treated seriously and may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

If a prospective employee has gained their qualification overseas, the Resourcing Team will check that this qualification exists, that it is equivalent to the stated UK qualification and that the prospective employee does, in fact, hold the qualification.