ePortfolio – Access for IMG Doctors

We would encourage all IMG doctors to use an ePortfolio, and recommend you discuss this with your Supervisor when you meet with them.

Your Supervisor will be able to advise on the specific Royal College you need to access ePortfolio through, dependant on which Specialty you are working in.

For IMGs working in a Medicine Specialty please see below information:

IMG Doctors confirmed as part of the RCP Scheme

IMG doctors who are confirmed as part of the RCP scheme provided by the International department will have ePortfolio access provided automatically as part of their registration with RCP.

To get ePortfolio access you will need to contact the International Department international@rcplondon.ac.uk  where an application form will be required to be completed.

The International team will be solely responsible for setting up IMG doctors on the RCP Scheme on ePortfolio and maintaining this.

   Trust Grade/Locally Employed Doctors

If a non-training grade would like access to ePortfolio this can be done via the Joint Royal College of Physicians training board. They provide the ePortfolio for trainee doctors and for non-training and SAS grade.

The process of applying is as follows:

If a non-training doctor wishes to have access to the Physician ePortfolio then they will need to register the post with the ePortfolio team.

They are required to complete an SAS application form from the JRCPTB website https://www.jrcptb.org.uk/non-training-application-forms .

Once completed JRCPTB will invoice them for £172.

As soon as the payment has been received they will be provided with access to the physician ePortfolio

Further information can be found here:


Claiming back expenses:

Locally Employed Doctors can claim up to 50% of the cost of the e-portfolio back once they have been at the Trust for 12months, for further details please speak to your Head of Department.

If you want to claim back expenses which you have incurred as part of your job, you should do this using the electronic expenses system. This will then be approved by your Manager if appropriate.

The claimant user guide contains all the information you will need, however, please see the below OneHR pages for more information -


We would advise you to discuss making a claim with your Manager or Supervisor before submitting it onto the system to ensure it is a valid claim.