HR Policy Forum & Corporate Bench

Human Resources are responsible for almost 70 policies across the Trust. Each of these policies are reviewed on a regular basis either as a consequence of change in the Law, changes to best practice, or when the policy is due for review.

Each policy needs to comply with the Law, our Terms and Condition of Employment, and our Culture with the Trust and the Community we serve.

Staff views are represented via the Trade Unions and Staff Organisation, and those representatives seek views from their members on the introduction of new policies as well as proposed changes to existing policies.

Policy Forum Terms of Working

The HR Policy Forum is facilitated by 5 people. As a minimum each Policy Forum must have a Chair of the Forum (usually a HR Representative), 2 members of staff/management and 2 Trade Union Representatives.

A number of other people are invited to attend the Forum to ensure that policies are adequately discussed and consensus agreed where possible. Policy authors are also invited to attend Forums when their policies are discussed, as this helps the panel to fully understand the Policy and its changes or introduction.

Corporate Bench Policy