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Educational/Clinical Supervisors

The GP Educational Supervisors are allocated to the trainees by the TPD, Dr Meenakshi Varia and the details are sent to the trainees with their Track letter following recruitment. The role of the Educational Supervisor is to support the trainees through their 3 year course , 2 years based at the hospital and the final 12 months of the trainees programme will be spent with the supervisor at their practice. We encourage all Educational Supervisors to speak with their trainees as soon as possible after they start at Blackpool and arrange to meet.

The Clinical Supervisor will support the trainees through each 6 month rotation, and will be based in the department they rotate into. Clinical supervisors oversee the day-to-day work of the trainee. They are expected to hold formative meetings with their trainee at the beginning, middle and end of their placement.

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2016 Curriculum Update:

Each year the Royal College reviews the GP curriculum and makes changes where appropriate in response to user feedback and to ensure the content is kept up-to-date. This year’s changes will be implemented at the start of the new training year in August and all trainees should use the revised version from that date. You can access information about the changes and track-change copies of the statements on the GP curriculum changes page of the website.

Trainee Portfolios

The RCGP programme has a guide for Clinical and Educational Supervisors and others required to comment in the trainee’s portfolio.

There is an extensive help section in the RCGP portfolio log-in page for trainees, Clinical and Educational Supervisors to access for assistance including various contact numbers:

The General Practice department of HENW may be contacted for adjustments to named Clinical Supervisors on portfolios by contacting:

Locally, the Trust Programme Director or the GP education office is happy to discuss any part of the GP curriculum which applies to any specialty.

Key Contacts

  • Dr Meenakshi Varia– Training Programme Director
  • Dr Adam Daruzzaman – Primary Care Education Facilitator
  • Dr Ruth Cronin – Primary Care Education Facilitator
  • Yvonne Coyle – GP Specialty Trainee Co-ordinator

Education Centre – telephone: 01253 (9)55243 or email:

Lead Employer Team

Mersey and West Lancashire are the GPST lead employer for trainees during their training period with NHS E. The Lead Employer Team provides payroll, accounting, recruitment, administration, occupational health services and human resource advice. You can access their website below where you will also find information on annual leave, maternity leave, etc.

Lead Employer Information