Appraisals 2023-2024

Non-Medical Appraisals 2023-2024 system is now LIVE

The 2022 staff survey showed us that improvements needed to be made to the appraisal system & process, to support our staff in valuing the process, and feel valued in return. The appraisal experience should be a positive and meaningful one!

Determined to change the perceptions of appraisals we:

  • Shifted the focus of appraisals, to make the meaningful and regular conversations we have about performance, objectives, development, aspirations, and wellbeing the core purpose
  • Streamlined the appraisal system to reflect this shift. An initial idea of how to streamline the system, has evolved considerably over recent months, with thanks to staff from across the Trust. The valuable feedback and suggestions made have been instrumental in producing the system we have launched for 2023-2024

The System

This new non-medical appraisal system can be accessed via the Intranet or via the Local Appraisal system.

Top Tip – Use the virtual guide to explore all the functions of the appraisal system. You’ll be surprised at what you will find.

  • There is also a full guide and a ‘help on this section’ throughout the appraisal system.
  • We invite you to book onto the Non-Medical Appraisal Training, whether you are an appraisee or an appraiser, new, or experienced. The training dates can be found below.
  • There is also an FAQ on the system, which may answer any queries you may have.

On your initial sign in, you will be asked to set a number of security questions….

This is because, the appraisal system allows you to access your appraisal from another machine via a password and as you may forget your password, we have introduced the security questions.

These would be mostly used by staff in clinical areas, so you can access your appraisal on a PC regardless of who logs in (or the ‘autologon’ PCs on the nurse’s station).

If you are logging on via your own PC/laptop, you will be signed in without the security questions. If you are not on your own PC/laptop, and enter your details the following will happen

  1. The sign in prompt on the first page will be amber rather than green, to indicate that you are not the person signed into this PC
  2. If you haven’t set up security questions, a one-time code is sent to your email address. You need to access your email [for staff not on their own PC, through

For further information, please contact the Organisational Development Team at