Our Team

We are a staff wellbeing and engagement team and our aim is to:

  • Embed staff health and wellbeing in all we do as an organisation and ensure employees feel valued, Included and able to work in an environment which promotes good health and wellbeing.
  • To identify workplace health priorities and implement health related interventions to support staff to maintain or improve aspects of their health.
  • To prevent ill health thus reduce sickness absence rates, improve morale and improve retention rates within the workforce.

We are here to provide information and signpost colleagues to help and support that encourages you to engage and participate in healthy led behaviours looking at all aspects of wellbeing including physical, financial and emotional wellbeing.

We support and encourage our staff to participate in and have opportunities within the workplace to lead a healthy and well life. We run campaigns and events in and around BTH that run alongside national campaigns like menopause awareness month, alcohol awareness week and world mental health day to name a few.

Evidence highlights the importance of supporting staff to lead healthy and well balanced lifestyles and the strong link between a happy and healthy workforce can have on better outcomes for patients and visitors.

There is plenty of evidence to support the idea that employee recognition also has a positive impact on individual and organisational performance and therefore celebrating success and saying ‘thank you’ is incredibly important to us here at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. With increasing pressures on all of us, a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ can go a long way in making our staff feel valued and recognised. Recognition is a strong predictor of how dedicated staff will feel and has a significant impact on staff experiencing a sense of purpose, inspiration, pride, and commitment in their roles.

Employee engagement is about our staff feeling that they belong to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals that they believe in what the Trust is trying to achieve, and that they feel valued for what they contribute. It also means that this contribution is important and purposeful. There are a number of initiatives we have that measure and help us improve our employee engagement.

Based on the feedback from the National Staff Survey and Staff Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire, we feature articles on topics such as menopause, sleep hygiene, weight management, nutrition and physical activities. These ‘you said, we did’ themes allow us to ensure the information included in the newsletter supports the needs of our staff. Without the ‘you said, we did’ themes we would not be able to identify the areas and be able to include the information and support the needs of our staff.

There are a number of resources that the team put together to inform you of the activities and interventions that are taking place that staff can engage in.  Take a look at our latest Wellbeing Directory which includes a variety of topics relating to the health and wellbeing and engagement of our staff, their friends and families, which can also be found on our LSC staff wellbeing website (username: BTHWELL).

On this website you will also find information on National support and guidance through to trust level support information including our occupational health team and staff EAP services and how to become a wellbeing and engagement champion!

You can find out more about our team and services by emailing us if you require a specific service please browse the navigation pane on the left hand side to locate the appropriate page. For further information or if you have any questions the team will be happy email us: bfwh.wellteam@nhs.net or call Ext 57638